Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Beginnings

Sweet September Newness

Do you remember when the end of August, beginning of September, signaled the start of new adventure for you. School! Usually you had a different teacher, some of the same friends with a few new kids who switched-in, and always a sense of newness.
You entered with expectation.
Fresh start-overs are good. Isn’t there usually some piece of our memories, even our present, we wish to leave behind?
Anticipation is sweet, the future WILL BE better. A coiled spring within us begins to uncoil in hope, maybe a bit of hesitation too, but hesitation and hope can live together.
Okay, maybe a bit of dread along with the excitement. Where and how do you fit into this new dynamic?
The cycle of learning and teaching continues.

What if we adults used these end of summer days to reflect and re-energize ourselves from within? Where do you need a bit of newness in your life? What adventure awaits you?
As long as we have breath and days to live, we have opportunities to be a blessing and be blessed.
What did you like to do as a child that can become fun as an adult?
Did you play with cars? Help kids build derby cars.
Maybe actually return to school too, but as a volunteer – one afternoon a week. Yes, men you as well. Father figures are hugely lacking in many children’s lives.
Remember when Jesus demonstrated that being around kids was great!
Schedule a talk at the school or local library on something you love, maybe airplanes, bring your banjo and put on a brief show. Bring a strategic board game to play. If you’re uncomfortable acting alone, call a friend and do something together. (Check in at the office in advance for clearance.)
Okay if not school what?
Collect some neighborhood kids for an at home pie-baking class. Or teach three or four how to make soup, teach the boys, too. Have a neighborhood historical battle re-enactment. Teach children in your church about God during an outdoor hike.
Maybe your heart is steering you in another direction. Volunteer to be a visitor in a hospital or nursing home where people yearn for company. Anyone who can talk and listen is qualified.
What are you anticipating doing in the days ahead?

Many of you work full time and keep a home, but isn’t there an hour or two that can become sweeter in your life with an adventure that involves new people? 
Pick up the phone, start a connection process that keeps you vibrant.
 Let’s all enter sweet September with expectation.

Scripture on newness: "And He [Jesus] said, Behold, I make all things new. And He said to me write, for these words are true and faithful.  The Book of Revelation Chapter 21, Verse 5."

My mystery novel Bullet in the Night is about a man becoming a new creation, leaving prison and starting over.