Thursday, September 17, 2015

Zoe To You

Today I learned an interesting Greek word for life: Zoe (pronounced zo-ay). Perhaps we shouldn’t say fetus or unborn child is in a pregnant woman’s womb, but rather Zoe – life.

“I’m carrying zoe”- the state of being possessed of vitality. What a privilege! Four times I was a life carrier.

As such I became part of the chain of humanity, a maker of a generation. My thoughts jumble when I search for words to say what this means to me even as I sadly recognize that many women desired but have not been given this joy. (Although I believe God often blesses them in other ways as life-givers.) Tragically some women choose to destroy the new life within them.

I understand the abortion dilemma very well.  I nearly had one.

Perhaps I should speak of it again.  In 1971, I was pregnant with our fourth child. After having been advised by my doctor another child would likely be mentally handicapped due to my RH blood problem and also I might die during childbirth from hemorrhaging as I nearly did during my third child’s birth. Two huge problems! Logically, medically abortion seemed wise.

I later wrote a magazine article about this event. The quotes that follow are from the article that appeared in 1991. I describe the depression that engulfed me as I faced the possibility of two horrible outcomes. “The most significant argument of all against this pregnancy was our three children; I knew that I didn’t want to leave them motherless.”

“One question kept disturbing me. Was this pregnancy an accident, or was it the hand of God directing my life?” A friend came over and helped me wrestle through my decision. “Finally with quietness and confidence I chose to place my trust in God. If it were time for me to die, I would; if I would have to rear a brain-damaged child, I could. I would not destroy this new life within me! As for my “career” it wasn’t worth the life of our child.”

 “On March 27, 1972 Daniel Thomas was born. He was named Daniel after that great man of God whose trust in God never failed and Thomas for his mother who’d had to overcome doubt before she could fully trust. …Far from being brain-damaged Daniel was a bright student and an excellent athlete. Looking back, the interruption in my career was brief and barely noticeable from the perspective of a lifetime. How can I compare that to the life of my son?”

Every day since my voice feels compelled to speak out against the slaughter of beautiful human children.

I’ve counseled women who have had abortions and God’s amazing forgiveness is always available for them. This isn’t about that. It’s about my friends who think abortion is a good thing, a woman’s “right.”

The truth is we women cannot do what we please with our bodies. We cannot drive through stop signs or dance naked in the park. Life is full of consequences that we must accept when we select our behaviors. We cannot kill the innocent and call a child’s life an inconvenience.

The real war on women is that approximately half of 56 million total abortions or about 28 million women have never been given a chance to live their lives.

I find it of interest that Planned Parenthood, a non-profit, gets massive taxpayer money to run yet it brings in over a billion dollars annually. This past year President Cecile Richards’ salary jumped from $523,616 to nearly $591,000, a $67,000 raise.  More profit from babies’ body part fees for “transportation and storage?”

Also Planned Parenthood as a non-profit ended their fiscal year with $582 million in excess revenue and $1.3 billion in net assets Aren’t non-profits supposed to use their funds for those they serve? Is Planned Parenthood a non-profit that meets the criteria for wise use of assets and reasonable salaries or a big business with big profits for those at the helm?

I hope and pray all funding for Planned Parenthood will end. We have other wonderful women’s health services in place that don’t involve aborting babies and selling human bodies.

With tears I implore moms-to-be who are considering abortion to stop and think, pray and wait. Other women’s hearts yearn for your baby, your Zoe, if you can’t handle being a mom right now. Don’t, please don’t, kill your baby.

Watching our son Dan mature has been all the more treasured because of my decision over forty years ago that meant his life or death. I’m so thankful I bravely chose life and didn’t listen to the world’s logic. I no longer question the loving intervention of God in my life. His plan is always good.

The pictures below are of:   Dan and his lovely wife Stephanie, Dan assisting me at the Lake Geneva Authorfest in July, 2015, and the original article about Dan nearly being aborted.

Isaiah 30:18: “Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; therefore He will rise up to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for Him!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Mom's Melody

I knew the music of family, the mom’s melody and I loved being immersed in its sweet sound.

But my music makers are off now leading concerts of their own. The memory of our music together sustains me. From time to time we gather again and I smile at the joyful noise in my heart.

I think of moms still in the midst of the music. Fall approaches, school begins anew. Ready or not.

There is a rhythm to life that only the Lord knows, a time for babies to be born and educated and a time for children to be transformed into adults. I don’t know how it happens with such speed and precision. I only know when I try to play my own family’s life melody it becomes clangy but God makes it all so beautiful and right.

The giving, the getting, the loosing, the stretching, the tying tight and the hard releases.

Lord, I watch my old expectations fly away and wonder why were they once so important. Breathing You, absorbing You, exuding You seems the only meaning that stands true.

My fingers dance, my eyes glisten, when I try to write words that show Your You-ness as the great I AM and the FOREVER-WILL-BE and the presence that permeates reality with joy.

For belief to exist, unbelief must be temporarily suspended. One must be willing to wade into the huge unknown of possibility – just maybe God is real, and knowable, and wouldn’t that be extraordinary? Especially if God really can grasp loved ones from evil and work ugly things for good.

Which is why I can trust the grandchildren and the babies-turned-adult into the invisible arms that never fail to protect them.

Change and transition, I am bigger than these foes. I can embrace every new note of Now. Love within a family never ends it simply gets lived out differently.

God’s plan is good, really, for sure, ultimately and so I can be content if my nest is full or whether it’s empty during hours of the school day or for a lifetime.

The music plays on. I need only listen.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

What Might God Say To Us?

I've been thinking a lot about America this past month of July as we celebrated our independence and am wondering what God might say to us about our country now.

Might God say: “I made you free. I gave you fire, wind and water – and all that you needed for survival. And more than that I gave you the capacity to know me, live in joy, and celebrate life with loved ones. Your desire to worship me was repressed in Europe so I established a country founded by men who knew My name and my power. They came and shared My truth, guided and inspired. America the great nation soared.”

Now you block me from your children’s minds and hearts. Schoolteachers dare not speak of my mighty deeds for humanity. Memorials to me are smashed.”

“Your latest laws have taken what is natural and scoffed at my creation, my plans for life. You flaunt sin and stifle holiness. You criticize the rescuers I send and mock My anointed when they share My truth.”

“America the great crumbles before your eyes. It’s never too late but as time passes it becomes difficult to rescue your moral traditions. I watch as you step back from conflict and remain silent lest you annoy your friends or isolate yourself. Your tolerance of evil reeks. Look around!"

I have looked and listened.  Is this the world we want? The new August 2015 Family Circle has a feature article about a seven-year-old girl who said at age two she’d rather be a boy so her parents renamed her as a him and insist she be treated like a boy in school. How many young girls were tomboys as children?"  (I was a tomboy. I’m so glad it never occurred to my parents to transgender my identity or I would have missed the joys of heterosexual marriage and motherhood.)

Might God say “This is not the traditional family life I designed. My heart breaks. Also some people exalt not working and doing nothing – failing to use the giftedness I placed within them. Angry, empty people abound – grumblers who take without giving to others.”

I wonder. Are these things God might say to us today? Perhaps He’d conclude with: “Depend on me, respect my commandments and honor one another, descry the spiritual stereotypes. I am the living, loving God on whom the institutions of this greatest of nations were founded. If you choose to fall you have the freedom to do so. The choice is yours…America the free or..."

What will we make of America? Will it be the once-greatest-nation upon the face of the earth or…?

What do you think God might say to you? What might God have us do?

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"Leave your country and your people,’ God said ‘and go to the land I will show you."

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Death Comes

“Come back here. I never said you could die Alexander Graham Rolfs.“ We gave our chocolate lab a prestigious name because his large brown eyes and regal fur coat required it.

Only a dog, only a constant companion, twenty-four, seven.  Our chocolate lab Alex would come with us everywhere. He’d jump into the car, never caring where we were heading; being close to us was his delight.

Every time I moved  from room to room in our home, we became a parade because he jumped up to follow me, all ninety pounds. How crazy is that? In the last year of his twelve years of life this wasn’t easy. I’d try not to get up too often so he could stay put.

How do you lose a spouse, a brother, sister, or, gasp, a child? I can’t even tolerate the death of my dog. I’ve lost my parents, brother and our precious grandson. I learned back then grief has no final chapter, only death does.

Sobs come from some place in my body that has an ability to produce sound I wouldn’t know how to create. Like a pit within me erupting.

So why death God?

Does growing older mean we only increase the number of deaths we must endure?

Lessons, yes we got them. The value of love and loyalty – daybreak to daybreak - two qualities we could depend on no matter who else disappointed us. Our chocolate lab never would.

Oh Alex could be naughty, if we left the garbage can lid unlocked, his nose got him in trouble every time. He didn’t always come when he should. But he’d prance back as if he’d done no wrong, just a bit delayed in executing his response to my command, tail wagging with innocence.

How can you love a dog so much?

How can God love us so much? I know beyond doubt I understand God’s love better because of Alex.

The evening he died the family members who could come arrived. We shared our memories as Alex lay dead in the center of our circle on his favorite rug in front of the fireplace he loved. We cried and laughed together because that’s what people need to do. Celebrate and mourn.

Then four dog-bearers carried Alex on a carpet to his outdoor grave in our woods alongside the house.

Our adult daughter Pam carried the lit candle, which was needed because ritual mattered – it signified the solemnity we all felt. The commemoration of a life that brought so much joy to us all had to be very special.

We placed his favorite stuffed toy alongside him, circled his grave and said an Our Father. Surely Jesus’ favorite prayer was right for this.

I was asked by my husband to toss the first spade of dirt. Three times I tried and stopped, I said, I so don’t want to do this.

How could I cover up the body that lay next to our bed on the floor every night as we slept, the body under the dining table on which I rested my feet during every meal? The one who sensed my every mood.

Finally I fought off the dread and did what needed doing. Isn’t that what the living are always left to do?

Where, what could ever replace any human life or beloved pet? Nothing replaces what was. Knowing this is what makes death so wretchedly hard. We can only wait.

Are there animals in heaven? Does anybody who knows God intimately need to ask that question?

The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job 1:21


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Monday, May 25, 2015

Who Remembers?

Memorial Day. Yes we celebrate but what do we remember on this day? And does it still mean something?

Once upon a time this great country called America was founded like none other upon the principles of God. The most basic was freedom of worship for which men and women crossed a perilous ocean.

Americans fought and bled and died to protect our right to live free under God. Through numerous wars men and women were willing to risk their lives because it was an honorable thing to serve this nation and protect the endangered around the world. It still is. And not just in war.

Men and women among us daily risk their lives – firemen, policemen, those in service careers - mental health counselors and doctors work long hours and often sacrifice personal pleasure to help their fellow human beings.

What is the spark that makes one sign up, volunteer, choose a career that is not about self-grandeur?

Isn’t it our inkling of divinity, the very nature of God within us makes us care, sends us forth, christens us as do-gooders? Only the spirit of the living God can make us love like this.

May we remember that it is God who is great and He imparted His vision for a country founded on respect and love. We’ve sometimes gotten the message wrong, but we tried to right the nation as best we could. May we do so again.

My concern is that the young among us don’t know that being a taker never comes close to the sweet delight of being a giver. That sacrifice isn’t stupid but fulfilling.

One nation under God is still the basis for our greatness. Forget Him and America crumbles.

Might Memorial Day be a good time for a brief history lesson for our children? What do they remember on this day?

Psalm 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,the people He chose for His inheritance.