Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thanks God and Thank You!

 Thanks God and Thank You!

Thanks dear family and friends for your many thoughtful greetings as we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. Seeing the wonders of God in Alaska seemed a fitting way to commemorate the wonder of God joining Wayne and I – two strong-willed 19 and 24 year-old na├»ve adventurers- and keeping us safe through a lifetime of loving, meeting challenges and celebrating life together.

Our children's gifts enabled us to enjoy lots of additional excursions and fun in Alaska, an amazing place. Thanks to Dan and Stephanie (love reading on my Kindle), David and Kathy, Pam and John, and Tamara and Jamie. What a delight to have the legacy of these precious four children and their spouses and our seven grandchildren, Joshua and Anna, DJ, Steven, Jack, Katie, Andrew.

Hiking around the Mendenhall Glacier, gazing upon Denali (Mount Mckinley) the highest mountain in North America, cruising the inner passage surrounded by mountains seeming to rise from the ocean gave us special time to reflect. Over the years we’ve had peak and pit experiences but  always we’ve had Christ, His love and grace to see us through and keep us deeply joyful.

Wayne and I renewed our marriage vows at sea. Our theme song on our wedding day in 1962 was Moon River - part of the lyrics are “we’re off to see the world my Huckleberry Friend and I.” In fact ten years later Huckleberry Friend became the name of our houseboat purchased in the early 70s which we used on our journeys down the Mississippi River and into Canada with our four children. Over the years we have seen lots of the world: Israel, England, Italy, France, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Turkey, Greece, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and many, many states. 

What a privilege to see God’s creation and beauty both in nature and in human beings in so many locations and at home. How good God has been to us since we both surrendered our hearts to His way and His will for us back in 1974 and made full time Christian service our primary work.

Our prayer now is to finish strong on his behalf alongside our entire family. 

Yes, waiters sang to us on our anniversary. But an earlier highlight in May was Wayne surprising me by dedicating a song and singing to me for our anniversary, Cole Porter's " Night and Day," accompanied by the Sun City Jazz Band in South Carolina directed by our friend Len Watson.

The food was wonderful!
One of the many buddies we met along the way.
Blessings abundant and rich and daily upon you and all those we love and are privileged to be loved by. We treasure our connections. This Scripture from Jude, verse 1-2 is one of our favorites: "I am writing to all who are called to live in the love of God the Father and the care of Jesus Christ. May you receive more and more of God's mercy, peace, and love."