Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Silly Things and Important Things

Do you remember silly social rules that have changed like never wear silver and gold jewelry together? White shoes shouldn't be worn between Labor Day and Easter. These to-dos came from society around me. Some were quite rigid. 

Now I pick the social customs important to me and decide what to teach my children. Saying “Excuse me” is a custom I hope never goes out of style. Demonstrating graciousness and courtesy is always a good thing. Saying goodbye to guests –actually standing with them as they depart- is a lovely gesture.

Nurturing respect and appreciation for one another through old-fashioned games is also an important custom in our house. At a recent family party we had an egg toss in the yard wearing black garbage bag protectors over clothes. Scavenger hunts are another favorite, also board games. You learn lots about one another and grow closer playing games.

Another custom of ours is to find something to laugh about every day. Even in the midst of our eighteen-year-old son’s cancer treatment we made a commitment to laugh every day and he came up with some great ideas like keeping a squirt gun in his bed and squirting nurses when they entered his room. Okay that didn’t last long before the staff confiscated his gun, but it was great fun for a time.

In the heaviness of life’s current challenges may we remember the forever-important rule to delight in each day!

I like to remind my family that Jesus enjoyed having fun. Getting the guys (apostles) together to talk and rest, I bet they had a lot of cool inside jokes. Jesus accepted party invitations regularly – loved to socialize. I also know without a doubt God has a great sense of humor. I often see that in the way my prayers are answered. Of course, He was and is such a great communicator and kind to the nth degree. Super role model for us all. Check out the gospel of Mark!

     This month of August I’ll be speaking at three events for Christian Women’s Connection in Fulton, Dixon and Geneseo IL.
     Final editorial edits are underway for The Windemere Affair, my next murder mystery release through Pelican Books.  I’m excited for this novel –because lots of counseling is woven midst the who-done-it.