Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fanciful Thoughts

Fanciful Thoughts

Would you like to play an imagination game? During my morning prayer time I often write mini-devotionals. Today I wrote one a bit different called Fanciful Thoughts. I have no illusion that this is extraordinary writing, but it was fun to compose. I e-mailed it to my young and adult grandchildren asking them to add a line or two or create their own collection of fanciful thoughts. Perhaps you will add a line as well.

Fanciful Thoughts

I’d like to:

Touch the center of gravity,

Ride the winds of spring,

Measure the weight of a snowfall,

Stir the insides of a tornado,

Watch the design of an unborn baby,

Play in the precision of mathematics,

Watch ideas explode inside minds.

A few words about imagination. We all have this treasure trove within us, that comes along wherever we go, and needs recharging occasionally in nature and times of solitude. Opportunities for expression help imagination grow and it thrives in an environment without stress. All ages can play, and seniors should be even better at it than youth with their history of experiences. (Although seniors sometimes forget to play imaginatively.)

You may wonder why imagination is important. What value are fanciful thoughts and actions? Playing games with thought is enervating and fulfilling and reminds us of connection to our Creator in whose image we’ve been made. Movies like Inception, creations like MAC software, and every invention on earth began as someone’s fanciful thought.

The use of imagination requires no wires, cables, it doesn’t need to be downloaded, and it’s totally free. Often children are too busy with organized activities. I urge parents to guard their time and minds for imaginative play like the beach picture above. My Adventures of Tommy Smurlee mystery fantasy books are all about helping children discover the delight of imagining. Don’t let them grow up without knowing Tommy as a friend.

Will you try a fanciful thought or two yourself today? Share it here if you like.