Saturday, July 30, 2011

Soul Clothes

I was thinking today about how much focus goes into clothing our bodies. Finding garments that fit right and are within our budget, then doing the required washing, ironing, and organization. I wondered. Do I put as much energy into clothing my soul?

C.S. Lewis said that many people speak as if we’re a body with a soul, but the fact is that we’re a soul with a body. Soul came first. Our essence is within our soul and that’s what lives forever and should receive the greatest attention.

My next thought was what would I dress my soul in? I’m sure I’d choose something bright, nothing dreary or dark. Might this be my disposition, the positive attitude of faith that I choose to bring to each situation?

Then I’d like the fabric to be strong, yet have a soft texture – the demeanor of a soul that could handle buffeting by occasional disappointment or disillusionment.

I’d want a scarf of gratitude rippling round about me never missing an opportunity of praising God or thanking others.

How else could I make my soul radiant? Perhaps by zipping on a holy jacket of selfless love. I expect my zipper would get stuck now and then. Will I ever totally achieve selflessness? Probably not, but I could come a lot closer than I do.

Which leads me to two questions.

How might you clothe your soul?

And if we walked through our day viewing only the clothing on one another’s souls what would we see?

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