Thursday, December 17, 2015

Merry Christmas

Pondering Christmas 2015

The mystery of Christmas is upon us again. How shall we believe? And why? It’s so preposterous. One man, one life, one supernatural wonder-worker who passes on His power to certain unlikely, unworthy individuals like each of us?

In every state and every country people speak about first-hand experience of the ManGod who changed their lives. We meet people often who say they’re no longer the same after being in His presence and surrendering to His lordship.

The transformation of every human nature begins with this birth we celebrate. Without Christ’s entrance into human reality, paradise was indeed forever lost. It’s now as close as our skin.

The first Christmas was truly the world’s game-changer. We know this, not in the head but deep in our heart-checker of truth. Without holiness and goodness we’re nothing. Who but Christ can make us what we need to be and deeply unconsciously long to be?

This Bethlehem babe who became an adult victim, a cross-hanger who shed royal red blood for the likes of us. Can it be true that His blood purifies our own? Symbolically yes, and really truly? Yes.

Who needs a Savior, a Changer, a Better-maker? We do. Don't we all want to see with God’s eyes the beauty He formed in each soul and help the radiance burst forth that’s locked inside. We sense its presence.

Isn’t that why God came? So we can love out the beauty in one another. And smother the sinfulness of pride and self-absorption that crawls all over us.

How can we be worthy gift-givers without recognizing the Giver of every gift we’ve ever received? And how shall we know Him? And why doesn’t everyone?

This weird thing about Jesus’ birth, dying and rising is that it empowers the world and gives deep meaning to gift-giving and loving without limits.

This Christmas may we meditate a bit on the mystery and wonder of the Christ-change in us. We who call ourselves Christ-ians have experienced newness in our lives. And the peace that passes understanding – what level of peace can that be? One that doesn’t rest on circumstances like even world peace. The kind that will flood your heart with contentment no matter what if you’re a follower of this baby-become man-become King of glory.

Christmas represents the beginning of this greatest mystery and change event in humankind - weird but oh so wonderful.

As we shop and bake and wrap and shine and polish and hang the holly may we, may I remember it’s not just a home we decorate but our lives. It’s not just gifts we give, but love that comes from the originator of the idea, Jesus. May you have a Jesus-filled Christmas!

News On the Homefront

We're well, praise God and enjoying every precious day together after 53 years. We treasure most of all our family times when we can be with our adult children and the grown-up grandchildren. Our favorite activities are golfing, reading, writing and traveling N & S, FL, NC and states between. 

Judy continues writing and speaking about biblical principles for raising families and God’s miracles in our lives. Her new book is due soon from Prism Book Group - Never Tomorrow, a Christian mystery novel about a serial killer. It’s her favorite project thus far. Love Notes To God is due out later next year – 365 Day Devotional. And Love Always, Mom is being reprinted due to frequent demand. And her monthly blog continues. Wayne ministers at church, in Bible studies and with his joy ministry.

We love every memory of you, our family, friends and acquaintances, and if this Christmas message has reached someone we haven’t yet met, may it happen. Blessings & love!

Joyful Christmas Reflections is available free as an ebook Dec. 17-19 through amazon on Kindle. We hope these thoughts on the participants in the first Christmas will bless you.