Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Sometimes the quality of acceptance is essential. I can grit my way through things or I can peace myself into them.

The choice is always mine - the moment of selection. Shall I allow what’s not my desire and not under my control to interfere with my equanimity?

Can I capture calm in the midst of any circumstance?  It’s the work of a lifetime.
This is what I want to live and teach my grandchildren - about the living that always happens in my court of choice.

Accepting what cannot be easily changed produces serenity. And who can deny its sweetness? The lesson hasn’t been easy but over time I’ve learned God can be trusted. My frequent prayer is, Lord, help me accept what must at this moment be. But change it please if possible and fast!. May this cup pass from me. If not I shall not gulp it down but sip my way through the dregs. But by Your power – by Your grace – I shall not lose my joy.

Illnesses have come, gratefully past now, but not quickly and not without pain and loss. Lessons have lingered - gifts left in the wake - greater patience, respect for those who helped us through.

Life is not without that which must be accepted. Why? Why? Why? Oh I’ve asked that often enough. And the answer I always find is earth is not heaven, oh there may be an occasional glimpse, but not the reality and so travail comes, but it need not triumph in my soul.

I work to keep my eyes on the Christ who empowers, who changes if not circumstances, the hurry and demand of my soul.

What makes acceptance hard is that nasty, troublesome emotion of resentment. Thinking we deserve better, we shouldn’t have to endure this, others have it easier. Resentment is a strong tool used craftily by the devil to thwart acceptance of God’s will and way for our life.

We especially resent losing a loved one to death – why must we be deprived of the presence of one we love? It's hard to comprehend that death isn’t a punishment but a reward for the one who has gone before us.

Life is about filling our particular mission with joy and acceptance – changing any bad we can while avoiding our “bad” of resenting the circumstances we’re in.

Far easier to do when you believe as Einstein did in a God who has a sense of order, Who plans, creates cause and effect with purpose. I’ve learned to trust God's ultimate provision and His hand of good.