Monday, May 25, 2015

Who Remembers?

Memorial Day. Yes we celebrate but what do we remember on this day? And does it still mean something?

Once upon a time this great country called America was founded like none other upon the principles of God. The most basic was freedom of worship for which men and women crossed a perilous ocean.

Americans fought and bled and died to protect our right to live free under God. Through numerous wars men and women were willing to risk their lives because it was an honorable thing to serve this nation and protect the endangered around the world. It still is. And not just in war.

Men and women among us daily risk their lives – firemen, policemen, those in service careers - mental health counselors and doctors work long hours and often sacrifice personal pleasure to help their fellow human beings.

What is the spark that makes one sign up, volunteer, choose a career that is not about self-grandeur?

Isn’t it our inkling of divinity, the very nature of God within us makes us care, sends us forth, christens us as do-gooders? Only the spirit of the living God can make us love like this.

May we remember that it is God who is great and He imparted His vision for a country founded on respect and love. We’ve sometimes gotten the message wrong, but we tried to right the nation as best we could. May we do so again.

My concern is that the young among us don’t know that being a taker never comes close to the sweet delight of being a giver. That sacrifice isn’t stupid but fulfilling.

One nation under God is still the basis for our greatness. Forget Him and America crumbles.

Might Memorial Day be a good time for a brief history lesson for our children? What do they remember on this day?

Psalm 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,the people He chose for His inheritance. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Best-ever Mother's Days! What are yours?

I remember my best-ever Mother's Days. Twice I was eight plus months pregnant. About to deliver in less than three weeks, I marveled how could this miracle of a real live child be happening inside me! June 3, 1963 and June 5, 1967 were the birth dates of two of our four children.

Another best-ever was being at 
University Hospital in Madison, WI on  the oncology floor sitting with our eighteen-year-old son celebrating as I hovered over him after his bone marrow transplant. David had to be in semi-isolation, and his brother and sisters lovingly wanted me to be with him and gladly sacrificed our Mother's Day together.

I smile at the thought of all the love that’s going to be expressed Sunday– 

the cards and flowers that will change hands. The moms occasionally taken for 

granted will hear the love song that’s always within their children’s hearts.

And then I think of other moms like those I meet through my volunteer work - unwed moms who courageously gave their babies to other women’s arms yearning to have the sacred joy of nurturing a child. To them I say don’t mourn – your little ones will praise you face to face in heaven.You're heroes.
I also think of single moms who struggle financially and emotionally but say it’s worth it all to mother my child(ren)  and make a life for them.
I know divorced families for whom Mother’s Day can be complicated and I hurt for these moms and I pray.

I can't forget the women who longed to be moms but never could. God chose another plan for them to use their giftedness to nurture life but for them Mother's Day can be hard. 
I think of elderly moms who sit alone in nursing homes. May none be totally forgotten this year. For these moms we all pray.
I’m mindful of all the Moms like me who didn’t do our Mom-ing perfectly, but we did it wholeheartedly and had a ton of fun along the way. Our children know we tried our best and rise up and call us blessed.
We moms know, don’t we, that ordinary family days are fragile and fleeting and the most meaningful days of all.
So Happy Mom’s Day to you, me and all who facilitated our roles. 

Children we celebrate you, too, for the great blessing of watching you grow in delightful ways.
Royalty is a devotional prayer poem from my Breathless book. It's about dinnertime with children. Do you ever have similar thoughts?

The table is set,
They’re about to arrive.
How awesome Lord -
These sons and daughters
You've given me to teach and guide.

Drawn from their play and chores
Your princes and princesses
Shall dine at my side.
Help me remember each meal is a sacred time
An interlude for training and loving. 
These little lords and ladies,
Are the royalty You’ve sent to our home.
And entrusted to me.
May I be mindful Lord,
And tender and wise
It’s a mighty role.
There is no responsibility holier,
Certainly parenting is the greatest work I do.
Lord, they’re imperfect in their natural state,
But eager and willing to learn.
You’ve made me a model, they’re ready to follow.
Help me, Lord,
These royal youth must be raised with truth and grace 
And become in every way honoring to You, precious King.

I like this Scripture with it: 1 Peter 2:9-10 “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”

Breathless Minute Meditations including the prayer poem Royalty is available through amazon and nook. Readers have told me they like carrying it on their smart phone for instant spiritual refreshment.
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