Monday, July 28, 2014

Being A Champion

Wasn’t golfer Rory McIlroy’s win at the British Open outstanding!  I loved what he said later in an interview. He claims he used two words over and over to spur himself on to victory. He made these ideas his total focus throughout the entire tournament. What are the words?  Process and spot.

“Process:” Perform the process he had been trained in, use the swing he’d grooved through countless repetitions.

“Spot” keep his eye on the spot where he wanted the ball to go.

I can’t help but think how applicable these words are to living the Christian life. The process is learning and living by the Word of God. The spot is eyes on Christ.

Not just his golf, Rory’s gracious acceptance speech reflected a man of character. Rory said the thing that meant so much to him was although this was his third win, it was the first time his mom was at the final hole with open arms waiting to hug him.

What a proud mama Ms. McIlroy must be! Aren’t we all proud mamas when the principles we teach are passed on to our children and really absorbed in their lives. I’m not saying the idea to use the mental reminders of "process and spot" came from her. But she certainly passed on to her son determination, perseverance and self-control. Children make moms and dads proud by applying wise principles to daily circumstances like keeping eyes on the goal and working the process. And never giving up.

Rory won by not looking at others who were creeping up on his score wanting to take victory from him. He maintained confidence. Yes problems came, but he kept thinking ahead to what he could do on the par fives coming up, not looking back to the bogies on the previous nine.

Three major tournaments by age twenty-five! Doesn’t that make us all proud of the physical and sports capability of our next generation. May this generation also be outstanding in their spiritual capacity. Here’s to process and spot applied in everyday life, and applied to living the Christian life.


 "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." Phillipians 3:14

The book Man in Command: How To Be A Great Husband and Dad coming soon!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cancer and Fear and Hope

I’ve walked the hospital halls of cancer wings. I know the somberness that exists on even the sunniest of days. My heart goes out to every patient who is numb with worry and overwhelmed by treatments. And I know the fear and sorrow of those who love cancer patients and watch with helpless hands.

Cancer patients are an army of their own of many ages and colors – the ones who live daily with cells that must be killed – the brave cancer warriors who fight every minute while we walk through our days complaining about the humidity or traffic.

We honor you, we hope with you, and when we can we’ll fight with you. We’ll be your marrow donors and we’ll hold the basins when you’re vomiting from chemotherapy and stroke your forehead.

We’ll read Scripture and joke books to you and be your encouragers and help you tie scarves around your bald heads and really mean it when we say the wig looks good. We’ll sit in quiet rooms while you sleep and watch movies with you that will make you laugh in spite of everything.

Never will we stop caring and fighting and we won’t let you either until we’re sure heaven is your next best step. Because we long for you to live among us for many years to come.

In the tiniest way I hope to help you with a free resource. It talks about hoping when you feel hopeless and looking to God who will sustain you. And finding your way through scary medical options.

May this small, free e-book Triumphing Over Cancer brighten today for patients and their loved ones. It’s free July 16th through July 18th on amazon.  Please share this news with anyone who might benefit from heartfelt words of encouragement.

Our son David is a 29 year survivor of leukemia and lymphoma. To God be the glory! The anniversary of his wedding to Kathy is this Friday, July 18th.
The e-book is free in their honor.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Leaving a Legacy - Free and Real

I hear lots of talk lately about Presidents leaving a legacy. But don’t we all have a legacy to leave?

The only legacy that matters is a life well-lived.  I get this. So how do we do it? An old saying I saw on a plaque in an antique store read, “Only one life it soon will be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

So exactly what can we do for Christ?

How about appreciate Him? To spend time in nature with eyes and mind wide open because how can we help but be filled with praise for God. Appreciation is a good thing. Don’t we all like to have our works noted and valued? How can I not feel closer to God as I watch the sky ripped by lightning and hear powerful grunts of thunder that make me cringe with awe. Who can make such a sound?

So I’ve got this covered. Sun or rain I get my God time in the world of nature – easy to manage an hour walk or bike ride or outdoor tennis or golf. And easy to remember, since God announces Himself to me, reminding me to seek Him in His creation every time I look out the window or step from my car. 

Another way to live for Christ is to speak of Him. I try to be respectful of Creation deniers – but it’s hard.  I’m sure it’s only because they haven’t taken time to think through the evolution issue or gather their own data.

Perhaps if they could see through an electron microscope to observe the irreducible complexity within a single cell. Or snorkel and see our magnificent Creator in the variety of fish, some shimmering, some with wild whiskers. One string of DNA should be enough to convince any skeptic. But it’s not for me to change the minds of others, only to speak of what I see. “All things were made through Christ and without Him nothing was made.”

Leaving a legacy for Christ also requires living without false idols. I once thought that referred to worshipping statues, going to psychics and using stuff like tarot cards and amulets. I now understand that idols can be pride, approval-seeking, manipulations of others to get my way. Deep, heavy-duty stuff. All of this blocks being free and real.

Free and real. Isn’t that really what living in Christ requires? I like St. Paul’s words: "To live is Christ, to die is gain." What does that entail? Living as Christ lived – super compassionate, super loving, but super demanding. Saying I’ve healed you, but go and sin no more.  He chastised the religious Pharisaical leaders who twisted His Father’s basic two commandments - ten in expanded form - based on love and respect for God and one another. He objected to these men who held power over others by perpetuating lies about the complexity of faith in God, as some still do.

Jesus recommended living as a little child. Children understand free and real. I’m working on maintaining the free and real.

News and Notes: Young moms, remember to take time to play WITH your children today!

Currently I'm rereading the Christian classics The Cross and the Switchblade and C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters (in a book club). I highly recommend both.

May we all have a great day of legacy building.