Sunday, July 26, 2015

What Might God Say To Us?

I've been thinking a lot about America this past month of July as we celebrated our independence and am wondering what God might say to us about our country now.

Might God say: “I made you free. I gave you fire, wind and water – and all that you needed for survival. And more than that I gave you the capacity to know me, live in joy, and celebrate life with loved ones. Your desire to worship me was repressed in Europe so I established a country founded by men who knew My name and my power. They came and shared My truth, guided and inspired. America the great nation soared.”

Now you block me from your children’s minds and hearts. Schoolteachers dare not speak of my mighty deeds for humanity. Memorials to me are smashed.”

“Your latest laws have taken what is natural and scoffed at my creation, my plans for life. You flaunt sin and stifle holiness. You criticize the rescuers I send and mock My anointed when they share My truth.”

“America the great crumbles before your eyes. It’s never too late but as time passes it becomes difficult to rescue your moral traditions. I watch as you step back from conflict and remain silent lest you annoy your friends or isolate yourself. Your tolerance of evil reeks. Look around!"

I have looked and listened.  Is this the world we want? The new August 2015 Family Circle has a feature article about a seven-year-old girl who said at age two she’d rather be a boy so her parents renamed her as a him and insist she be treated like a boy in school. How many young girls were tomboys as children?"  (I was a tomboy. I’m so glad it never occurred to my parents to transgender my identity or I would have missed the joys of heterosexual marriage and motherhood.)

Might God say “This is not the traditional family life I designed. My heart breaks. Also some people exalt not working and doing nothing – failing to use the giftedness I placed within them. Angry, empty people abound – grumblers who take without giving to others.”

I wonder. Are these things God might say to us today? Perhaps He’d conclude with: “Depend on me, respect my commandments and honor one another, descry the spiritual stereotypes. I am the living, loving God on whom the institutions of this greatest of nations were founded. If you choose to fall you have the freedom to do so. The choice is yours…America the free or..."

What will we make of America? Will it be the once-greatest-nation upon the face of the earth or…?

What do you think God might say to you? What might God have us do?

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"Leave your country and your people,’ God said ‘and go to the land I will show you."