Friday, December 12, 2008

10 Commandments are Cool

Today's Thoughts
Christmas, a word that evokes emotions of childhood excitement and holiday mayhem all wrapped in one word. Christmas - Christ for the masses and Christ of the holy Mass. A celebration of Christ, the son of the God who gave us Ten Commandments, still wise rules for life. 

The arrest this week of the governor of Illinois caught up in envy and greed remind us of the importance of truth-speaking and honesty. Christmas is a great teaching time for reminding children and grandkids of what's essential like the importance of self-control for living a happy and honorable life. 

Let's dust off the 10 Commandments and get them out where all children and adults can see them again. After all, what's wrong with telling people not to steal or not to kill or to take a day of rest to reflect and be renewed? 

The picture above shows fun teaching moments making Christmas cookies with our grandchildren left to right Steven, DJ, grandpa Wayne (supervising), me and Katie.

My Adventures of Tommy Smurlee books, exciting mystery fantasy for ages 9-16, also teach positive virtues like honesty and perseverance. You can order Adventures of Tommy Smurlee and Tommy Smurlee and the Missing Statue at

Scripture John 15:14: "You are my friends if you do whatever I have commanded you." 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Memories With Meaning

Today's Thoughts
Along with the addition of years to one’s life, comes the unanticipated gift of memories. One may pop up any moment, unexpectedly triggered by a scent or a scene. We may repaint some memories to make them prettier or uglier than they were, but a few can never change because they’re so vividly imbedded in our souls.

We had guests for dinner last night, friends from church we wanted to know better, and our house took on the glow I love when candles are lit, order is prevalent, and talk of God’s ways with us fills the air. My memory of the evening is sweet.

I awoke during the night with a different memory of another December place – less comfy-cozy, but so sacred to me that it makes me catch my breath. It was of hospital settings with beds occupied by children enduring the unendurable and bedside chairs filled with parents that love them, who would gladly change places.

23 years ago I was in such a place and every holiday I think of this setting where every minute is gift, and a world of worry over dollars is in the furthest recess of the mind. Every day of mine and my now grown son’s life is different because of the memory of what we lived through – to God be the glory!

I appreciate God’s 2 A. M. reminder to pray and attempt to offer solace to those engulfed in the mystery of suffering and healing.

Triumphing Over Cancer, A Patient’s Manual is a practical help for adults. Hey, I’ve Got Cancer, Here’s How You Can Help is the children’s version. Love Always, Mom is an amazing, heart-warming story of God’s miraculous healing. To order any book call 850-591-7848.

“Whatsoever things you ask in prayer, believe that you may receive.” Mark 11:24
Ask with faith and leave the outcome to our sovereign God.