Friday, May 15, 2009


Who is Huram Abi?


Huram-Abi was sent by King Hiram of Tyre to King Solomon

For an important, never-before-undertaken building project,

Creating an edifice worthy of God.

Huram-Abi was a cunning man with understanding,

A man with a reputation for excellence

Written about in the 2 Chronicles 2 chapter of God’s Book.

A man with skill and intelligence

Whose works were always of quality.

He had a mother from Dan and a father from Tyre,

Mentioned because parentage can be important.

Multi-talented: trained to work in gold and silver,

Bronze and iron, stone and wood,

As well as purple and crimson yarn and fine linen,

An experienced engraver able to create any design given him,

Who worked ably with his craftsmen as well as David’s,

Modeling the ability to work with others as well as alone.

His hands helped craft the temple unsurpassed in beauty in Jerusalem,

Which inspired an awe of Ultimate Beauty, the Holy God.

A man as dependable as the metals he shaped.

With a name now synonymous with outstanding accomplishment.

A role model for excellence.

Huram-Abi. Let’s think about him today.


Excerpted from Breathless Mini-Meditations 2009 © Judith Rolfs subtitled:

The Lesser-Knowns and the Un-knowns Among Us who have played vital parts in the unfolding story of God among us. These men and women conveyed pieces of the message of truth of who we are and how we are to live. They provide a bridge of wisdom from their past to our present.