Monday, March 30, 2009

The God Debate

Getting Rid of God

We seem to be hell-bent [excuse the pun] these days on doing away with God. Perhaps it’s because we have the mistaken notion that God stands in the way of our having good times and a prosperous life. We’ve reframed morality, which God engraved upon our souls for our protection and enjoyment of life, as a fun-stopping collection of stupid rules.

When we eliminate the real God from our thoughts, instead of seeking to imitate a holy, loving Being exemplifying goodness and truth, we often model ourselves after self-centered, conniving peers. Or we find a cause like conservation or a political party or a human leader and make this into our god. We’re like the jungle baby who, losing both parents at birth and raised by wolves, begins to imitate a lesser form of life.

Without God, stuff and nonsense becomes our focus, greed for things replaces lofty desires like growing in kindness and selflessness. This can easily happen if we pretend God is not real, religion is foolishness, and we know better than to believe.

Fools that we are, our indifference to God created the world we now see around us, where men and women care nothing about destroying other lives, wiping out the hard-earned savings of decent people.

It’s not just getting the Ten Commandments back on school room walls we need but getting them back into the hearts of humankind. Wouldn’t practicing the words of 2 Chronicles 15:12 in the Holy Bible be better? "They entered into a covenant to seek the LORD, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul.”

I’ve no doubt one day we’ll meet face-to-face this God whose morality we blithely deny, and be in for the surprise of our lives.