Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I Marvel...

Easter 2017. I marvel at the message the cross – I’m challenged to love others with the incredible love I’ve received.
I marvel at the message of Resurrection. Because of it, I live with expectation and joy that dying is simply changing addresses. This assurance of eternity ends fear.

I marvel at Jesus. He endured being humiliated, betrayed, scorned and scourged with non-stop compassion.

I ponder Him, my hero and example, Jesus who lifts people up. In His honor I want to be a lifter-upper of others not a drain-downer.

I marvel at the idea of living Easter, spreading this Resurrection message all year.  Keeping Jesus in mind when I go through the McDonald’s drive-thru or chat with a store clerk – finding words to express their specialness, being other-focused, a person who walks through life helping people, as Jesus did. Pointing always to the Father and exalting the work of the Holy Spirit.

I marvel at God’s Creation - buds formed to burst, flowers unfolding, children laughing in play. Signs and sounds of new life are everywhere if I look and listen.

I marvel at Easter truth. In Christ, through Christ and for Christ all things were made including you and me [to live forever.] How awesome!  Colossians 1:16


I appreciate your prayers as I speak this month at Christian Women's Connection events in Peoria, IL and Bloomington, IL. If you live near these areas and would like to be in touch with the contact person e-mail me for contact info .

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                                               Blessed Easter!