Friday, December 12, 2008

10 Commandments are Cool

Today's Thoughts
Christmas, a word that evokes emotions of childhood excitement and holiday mayhem all wrapped in one word. Christmas - Christ for the masses and Christ of the holy Mass. A celebration of Christ, the son of the God who gave us Ten Commandments, still wise rules for life. 

The arrest this week of the governor of Illinois caught up in envy and greed remind us of the importance of truth-speaking and honesty. Christmas is a great teaching time for reminding children and grandkids of what's essential like the importance of self-control for living a happy and honorable life. 

Let's dust off the 10 Commandments and get them out where all children and adults can see them again. After all, what's wrong with telling people not to steal or not to kill or to take a day of rest to reflect and be renewed? 

The picture above shows fun teaching moments making Christmas cookies with our grandchildren left to right Steven, DJ, grandpa Wayne (supervising), me and Katie.

My Adventures of Tommy Smurlee books, exciting mystery fantasy for ages 9-16, also teach positive virtues like honesty and perseverance. You can order Adventures of Tommy Smurlee and Tommy Smurlee and the Missing Statue at

Scripture John 15:14: "You are my friends if you do whatever I have commanded you."