Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cancer and Fear and Hope

I’ve walked the hospital halls of cancer wings. I know the somberness that exists on even the sunniest of days. My heart goes out to every patient who is numb with worry and overwhelmed by treatments. And I know the fear and sorrow of those who love cancer patients and watch with helpless hands.

Cancer patients are an army of their own of many ages and colors – the ones who live daily with cells that must be killed – the brave cancer warriors who fight every minute while we walk through our days complaining about the humidity or traffic.

We honor you, we hope with you, and when we can we’ll fight with you. We’ll be your marrow donors and we’ll hold the basins when you’re vomiting from chemotherapy and stroke your forehead.

We’ll read Scripture and joke books to you and be your encouragers and help you tie scarves around your bald heads and really mean it when we say the wig looks good. We’ll sit in quiet rooms while you sleep and watch movies with you that will make you laugh in spite of everything.

Never will we stop caring and fighting and we won’t let you either until we’re sure heaven is your next best step. Because we long for you to live among us for many years to come.

In the tiniest way I hope to help you with a free resource. It talks about hoping when you feel hopeless and looking to God who will sustain you. And finding your way through scary medical options.

May this small, free e-book Triumphing Over Cancer brighten today for patients and their loved ones. It’s free July 16th through July 18th on amazon.  Please share this news with anyone who might benefit from heartfelt words of encouragement.

Our son David is a 29 year survivor of leukemia and lymphoma. To God be the glory! The anniversary of his wedding to Kathy is this Friday, July 18th.
The e-book is free in their honor.