Monday, April 23, 2012

Hands I Love

With Mother's Day then Father’s Day fast approaching might you like to honor your husband’s hands with a picture and poem? Please feel free to adapt my poem below to fit your man and share the idea with friends.

[I asked my husband to let me take a picture of his hands, which inspired my thoughts about what his hands have done.]


Your hands snuggled, comforted and disciplined our children who carry your blood and cell structure into the next generation.

Your hands have been laid upon family and friends while praying for sickness or sadness to leave our bodies.

Your hands held steering wheels while driving several hundred thousand miles across America and foreign countries.

A million golf swings have been made holding a club in your hands matching the flight of eagles and the straightness of spears as a PGA golf pro, who taught thousands of others to do the same.

Your hands have patted and hugged friends and acquaintances with gracious reminders of their value.

Your hands have reached for my hand every night to say the Our Father prayer before we sleep.

Your hands are raised often in worship of the God who made them.

Your hands have prepared soups, shakes and salads and crepes for loved ones.

Your hands have torn down and built rooms and roofs and planted and nourished gardens and trees.

Your hands have worked for and protected our family.

Your hands have touched me with love through ­­­­­­­all our years.

They’ve gnarled a bit, and become spotted from holy wear, but they’re still strong and true.

Fantastic hands…
[Would this be cool printed and framed on your man’s workbench or desk!]

Acts 6:6 "... who prayed and laid their hands on them."

A Breathless 2012 Poem For Every Mom and Dad:

How Big?

How big is my world?
God alone decides.
Is it one room, an island, a country?
Impact is not measured in size,
Love isn’t determined by return,
Life isn’t scored by points.
Significance comes from connection,
Linkage to the Master Planner
Destiny comes from His design,
Not mine.