Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mary, Most Amazing

Mary, most amazing Mother of God. Were you scared when Jesus was born? How was it to touch Him? I mean I could barely handle my newborn first child without fear and awe, or the second or the third or the fourth. So fragile, so dependent, on ME. I wondered every time if it wasn’t a mistake for the Lord to entrust these lives to my shaky hands and way too imperfect soul.

Did you ever feel that, Mary? You who cared for God Himself with His tiny toes and fingers. How many times did your hands touch His, soothe Him to sleep, nurse Him. Were you overcome with wonder? Did you ever forget even a second that here was the living son of God placed into your responsibility?

Mary, was it always clear what to do next, I mean I’ve so often wondered if I was doing the right thing? Sending each of our sons and daughters to the best place to learn? If the sport they’d begun to play would help or hinder their development? I can only imagine decisions you made. What friends to encourage Jesus to keep, squelch, was carpentry the best use of Jesus’ gifts. Omigosh, dealing with the giftedness of God, what a thought!

Was your heart beating wildly when you left Egypt? Did you have that sense, I’ve known a few times in my life, that God’s hand was all over this, and you needed only show up and take the next step?

It seems you might have been frantic at times having charge of God Who created the universe and all that is within it in your midst. You were a human momma too, so you may have had times of trembling like me.

Thank you, 1000 times for being faithful, for living holy and passionate for God so that you would be the chosen one. For assuming confidence when perhaps you had little. You did it! You gave our Savior safety as long as you could. And you ravished Him with love, and He you, how easy that part would be, permeating all you did every day. I bet gratitude seeped into every moment. And awe.

But then being a Mom to any child of God is a mysterious, sacred undertaking. I thank God daily for trusting me and gracing me with His help that alone kept my knees from buckling at each new event of parenting. And now for allowing me to GrandMom seven more world-changing creations of His.

Thanks, Mary, most of all for walking with your child, Jesus, all the way to the cross and showing us to do the same for our children if necessary, loving them all the way. I so can’t wait to place my hand in Jesus.’ To touch His brow. To watch His smile spread over me.

Happy Mom’s day to Mary and my awesome earthly mom, my daughters, and sister and moms the whole world over who daily take up the challenge to spark these life buds assigned as our offspring and aim to glorify God through every exciting or humdrum moment. There’s nothing like being a mother. And praise to those who parent with total dedication the fruit from another womb as moms, teachers, nurses, neighbors. To touch the life of a child is to shape the universe itself. Aren’t we blessed! Happy, happy day!

Holiness undefinable,
Sweetness personified,
Instigator of miracles,
Model of dignity,
Inspiration worthy of honor.
Spiritual mother to the masses,
And holy Mother to me.
From Breathless Minute Meditations©Judith Rolfs

John 14:23 "If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word, and My Father will love him, 
and We will come to him and make Our home with him."