Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Easter Thoughts

                Blessed Easter!

A Few Easter Thoughts on Churches and Crosses

Churches, why do so many people go?
Do you ever wonder if you don’t?
I mean... 
Pass a church and see all the cars.
What do people find in such a place?
Do they really believe?
Or only hope there is someone in whom they can believe?
Do they go because they’ve glimpsed
if even for a moment a seeping joy,
Sensed an invisible but certain touch on this thing named soul.

Do you ever enter and sit among them
And wonder have they really seen Him with heart eyes
This Jesus all the fuss is over.
Who is this Him, this God plus Man reaching out and reaching within. 
How could this God care so much? 
And does He, or has the myth simply gone on and on?

How can you know? Unless you go…
With eyes of thought, mind bright and seeking truth,
A breath of His and your breathing changes forever.
This Spirit called Holy, the joygiver, patience maker, wisdom worker,
Will make a change within, in ways you know you couldn’t.

But how will you know unless you go…

And do you ever wonder about crosses?

Crosses, crosses everywhere.
Metal crosses with clean, sharp lines,
Wooden crosses with carved, intricate symbols,
Crosses of ceramic, collectors of dust on walls,
Whose owners have ceased to see them.
Ornamental crosses hanging around necks
Filled with meaning or meaningless?
Invisible crosses carried throughout lives
With dignity and determination.
Holy crosses that serve as reminders
Of one sacred cross carried
And a precious life sacrificed --
The cross that made kingdom dwellers
Of common people like you and me
Because God was glorified upon it
The Calvary cross brings grace to us.

 (c) Judith Rolfs Breathless 2012