Friday, March 16, 2012

First Day in Heaven

My friend Betsy is spending her first full day in heaven today. She left us two soon in human eyes. Betsy was a classy lady, warm and loving, with beautiful eyes, beloved by many. A few years back I wrote about Heaven’s First Morning. I present it again today in honor of her.

Heaven’s First Morning

I’d like to twirl with You, Lord,
And dance through the clouds.
May I ride the morning star?
I’d love to climb into Elijah’s chariot
And see a startled fish from the splitting red sea.
May I pet the mane of Your white Horse,
And sit among the children You let come close?
Heaven’s first morning will be so grand!
Breathless Minute Meditations © Judith Rolfs 2010

Words can’t describe how she’ll be missed. Betsy endured her suffering with quiet dignity and focused on making others comfortable in the presence of her illness. She fought like a bold warrior always trusting ultimately in the plan of her Lord and God, her Commander-in chief.

I met my friend on the, Fontana Country Club Estates golf course. We’d arrive early to get out before everyone else and managed to be a twosome every week. Part of the joy of our time together which we always discussed was the thrill of spending our early morning in God’s creation tugging our pull carts up the sizable hills for vigorous exercise. Occasional good golf shots mixed in with some laughable duffs.

Betsey was fun to be with, a gem of a woman.

Now she’s heaven’s treasure.

"O LORD, God of Israel, there is no God like you
in heaven above or on earth below-
you who keep your covenant of love
with your servants who continue
wholeheartedly in your way.”