Monday, March 5, 2012

Fined For Refusing To Sin

The Catholic church supported by countless evangelical churches is exhorting individuals: Don’t let anyone take away your right to do what you know is right or force you to do what you believe is wrong! Because God gave you that freedom!

The church, Catholic and Christian, hasn’t always gotten Christ’s message right when offering it to the world. But it has tried for centuries and succeeded valiantly at teaching love for God and others. Religious people, very often Catholics, have been in the forefront of caring for the poor, educating the ignorant and nursing the sick selflessly without the help of government. For the glory and honor of almighty God, reward enough for anyone.

Jesus made the role of the church very clear and who is the church but all of us. We are to be actively, hands on involved in local care of the poor, the hungry, the sick, the homeless through our financial giving and our volunteering. This is not the job of government. The church has lovingly provided hospitals, and orphanages and shelters and food pantries. Let the government not impede God's work on earth by destroying this work of God's church.

What a clever attack to shut the doors of Catholic institutions and stop God's workers - by fining us because we refuse to sin.

Have you ever heard of a more effective or more diabolical method to halt charity in the name of health?

Shall we laugh or cry? Neither! Let us join together and stop this assault on the people of God.