Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today's Thoughts

What joy! Yesterday I held five-month-old Oliver briefly during tea at Starbucks with his Grandmom, novelist Becky Melby. My delight accentuated my sadness at the thought of 3000 babies being aborted daily in America.

Today I read in the Chicago Tribune that the American bishops announced at their conference they will shut down all Catholic hospitals rather than allow one baby to be aborted by government mandate at one of their facilities. One bishop proclaimed that each man in attendance would gladly give his life to end abortion on demand in our country. A bold and courageous statement from men whose "Inform your conscience" effort failed woefully to prevent the election of a president who endorses this intrinsic evil.  I commend the bishops for courage and commitment to truth befitting of the church Christ founded.

 I have only compassion for the men and women who were deceived into thinking that abortion was a solution. May each know the forgiveness and abundant merciful love of our God.

By the way, I suggest that pro-choice is not an accurate term and thus shouldn't be used. Pro-murder, pro-abort yes. The opposite of pro-life is pro-death. Let us bravely speak the truth and act on the truth.

What would each of us do to save the life of a child?

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"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." John 8: 32