Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Independence and Dependence

Celebrating Dependence

July is the month we celebrate independence from England and the birth of our nation. We Americans are quite proud to be an independent people. Might we also celebrate our dependence, equally essential for a happy life? I consider myself a strong-willed independent, dependent person. Aren’t we all?

Dependent? How? Children depend daily on parents for love, guidance and nurture. All ages depend on God to maintain our universe – to keep the earth suspended in space, and maintain the precise balance of elements like oxygen in our air. Think about the many people you depend on to keep your life running smoothly – the owner of the local gas station where you refuel, the food store that carries your favorite items, the farmer who produces those life-sustaining foods.

Fantastic family members depend upon one another for help through tough times. We all go through problems; we need each other. It’s quite beautiful the way we can depend on people and allow others to depend upon us. During this month of July as you enjoy the simple joys of summer – backyard barbecues, chatting with neighbors, picnics – you may want to focus on the people whose presence you gratefully depend upon in your life.

Most of all we depend upon God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit who are available to help us every moment. What peace knowing this brings to our lives!

Psalm 25:1 “In You O Lord, I put my trust.”

EVENTS: Lovely time in Freeport, IL at the Christian Women’s Connection speaking to the fifty ladies in attendance. In August I’ll be at speaking and book-signing events in Fulton, IL, Moline, IL, and Geneseo, IL. What fun meeting readers face to face.

July 8th Our son Dan, a super salesman, set record sales at Lake Geneva Authorfest for my adult and children’s mysteries! He’s awesome.

Rejoicing that Pelican Publisher offered me a contract for my next mystery novel The Windemere Affair. Editing is underway!!! I’m thrilled to work with this excellent company.

My Joyful Christmas Reflections book will be free on July 19 and July 20th through Kindle. Email me if you need help downloading. When you have a quiet moment you may enjoy one of the selections.

Secrets To Being a Super Grandparent will be a free ebook July 19 and 20th as well. This simple book has powerful ideas for soul-stirring grandparenting experiences – the kind grandkids will remember for years. I'm holding our first great grand, Brayden Parker. 

I so appreciate you readers.  This is my ninth year of writing Thoughts on Fun, Faith and Family. There’s not much I haven’t written about – yet I’m always seeking new thoughts for us to ponder. I so appreciate your notes/emails of encouragement. I wish time permitted me to respond to each of you.

Joyous July with your loved ones!!!