Monday, May 29, 2017


I’m proud to introduce my guest blogger today – my husband Wayne - who started writing inspirational messages several months ago. I love what he wrote about Memorial Day and I think you will too.

Both deal with life and death.  One day we honor, one we celebrate.  One day, lives were taken by another, on the other, life was given for all “others.”

Memorial Day - those we honor who lost their lives to defend our liberty and Easter, celebration day, when Jesus gave His life to bring new life to heaven, to those in Christ; to free all from death forever, whatever.  Because of Easter we have the hope of again seeing loved ones lost for now, perhaps in war. But Jesus turned death to eternal living with Him and all believers. 

Most of our military leaders acknowledge “War is Hell”.  We honor our war dead.  But even afterwards, some men and women who survive have difficulty because of the effects of war.  A good friend of ours was turned into a “killing machine” by war. He hated and loved to kill the enemy, actually looked forward to it, his heart was filled with hate. “A hating and killing machine."  Later God turned him into a “loving machine”. Instead of killing others, he saved others by becoming a pastor. God can change hearts from hate to love. There are no enemies in church pews.

Yes, God can change us into war heroes.  Memorial Day is filled with war movies on TV. “Sargent York” and “Hacksaw Ridge” are two of our favorites.  In Sargent York, God took a man who was a “drink and devil guy” into a “guts and glory” guy.   Through his gallant exploits, he became the most decorated soldier of World War II. Be sure to see it if you haven’t. A classic.

“Hacksaw Ridge,” a recent film, will bring tears, watch out.  A man, Desmond Doss, who didn’t believe in war, in taking lives, a man of great faith, joined up to become a medic, to save lives.  He never carried a gun, was disliked by most because of his disbelief in war, his love of God, and his attitude toward killing. Yet he became a giant among all men.  In one day and through the night, he saved 75 of his men from sure death by carrying them, dragging his wounded comrades to safety though wounded himself and under constant enemy fire. They enemy tried to kill him but couldn’t.  He even aided one of the enemy inspired by courage, determination, and God.  His only prayer, “Let me save just one more”.  Don’t miss it, it’s something very special.

I read that at the end of WWII, a German lady sought employment from an American woman.  In finding out the women was German, she questioned hiring her, a women of the enemy. When she hesitated the German replied, “I know your thoughts madam, but you see, ”We All Shed The Same Tears”.  Yes, we all shed the same tears!

And those silent teardrops were shared by the South when the news of Lee’s surrender came.  “We all shed the same tears.” Visiting the cemetery at Normandy in France, we were blessed reading the epitaphs of the thousands buried there, the thoughts on the graves from loved ones, similar their love for a husband, brother, friend, it was a very touching scene.  And the peace and beauty at this place of honor was striking, like a garden of flowers and love just below heaven itself.

We then visited the cemetery of the fallen German lads near by.   Guess what?  It was the same in many ways, with love poured out from German families on the gravestones of their loved ones. YES,“ we all shed the same tears”

When Helen Keller was asked what she wanted most in life, she replied: “I want people in the world to live like brothers and sisters.”  Her thoughts were not of herself, what she never, had, but of others.  Her loving soul had grown out of her shell of blindness, deafness, and dumbness to think about others. Only God can do that!!

“Loving, merciful Father, take our little loves and enlarge them into Your loves.  Our sympathies this day and expand them into Your sympathies.  As we will never forget those who gave their lives for our great country, we will also never forget Jesus who gave His Life for us, and that brings to us tears of love and joy.   Our thanks doesn’t seem enough!! Amen WTR 

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.
Thank you Circlemaker Prayer Team!

We gifted 508 children’s ebooks Tommy Smurlee and Dunster’s Camp of Mystery and Adventures this past month for children ages 9 and up and almost 200 Soaring As A Parent ebooks went to places as far away as Japan and the Netherlands.

The ladies I met at my five speaking engagements In Madison, Lodi, Richland Center and Monroe were delightful. Two expressed a desire to become Christians! In June I’ll be in Freeport, IL for a Christian Women's Connection event.

I had fun making pies and filling decorative planters for our Fontana Garden Club Memorial Weekend fundraiser to benefit our community. The gals work so hard to raise money for local scholarships. I'm privileged to participate.
May every day be filled with honor for those we love 
and those who selflessly serve others.