Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our Greatest Honor

Is there any greater honor than being entrusted with the care of a helpless human being, not just the washing and feeding, the physical, but spirit-shaping, soul nurturing tiny developing brains! 

It's inspiring children's hearts as they grow to be givers and receivers of love in a way that dignifies them and others.

What a privilege to be a parent and a grandparent! How extraordinary that God created these amazing roles for us. He wants us to have image-shaping power! And to do it with awareness that each child has a God-designed life purpose to accomplish.

I'm humbled beyond words to have had the role eleven times helping shape human souls - four times as a mother and seven as a grandmother.

The task is grand when we consider that character formation is the work of a lifetime and we've only a few years to make an impact. Character training is a nonnegotiable. It must exist or the structure caves in. 

Also important is developing within children a sense of wonder that can find reason to be grateful in the darkess days and the emptiest places. 

I want to be a parent and grandparent who teaches and celebrates the joy of life, and the dignity of every human being, even the unkind, rude, and troublesome.

Eye to eye, word by word let us speak truth to these vulnerable beings.

Let's have conversations with focused eye contact, touch and experience the individuality of each child.

May our children live with the added bounce that comes from knowing their preciousness and purpose.

Let us love well these children whose lives we hold with ours. They grow up to be the most amazing adults.

May my new grandparent book, Secrets To Being A Great Grandparent and my new parenting book Soaring As A Parent, Secrets To Being Great offer real, practical help for this joyous task. Both are available through amazon.

[I'm deeply appreciative of the reviews you've taken the time to write.]