Saturday, April 19, 2014

About the living Jesus

Blessed, Holy, Happy Easter!

Easter is our favorite holy holi-day –because it’s all about the resurrected Jesus. 

The One by whose stripes we are healed.
The Jesus who answered our fervent prayers to cure cancer in our son almost thirty years ago enabling David to teach countless young people to love God and value the historical roots of our nation. The son I just spoke to on the phone who with his faith-filled wife Kathy parents Anna and Joshua, also miracles. The real Jesus Who doesn't always heal, but always works good for those who love Him and live according to His purpose.

Jesus the One our son Dan and his wife Stephanie dramatically portrayed to a thousand wide-eyed kids last Saturday. 
Jesus the amazing One who comforted our daughter Tamara when she lost her 24-year-old son a year ago and empowered our grieving grandson Jack to finish his medical studies.
Jesus the One and Only who motivates our daughter Pam and her husband John and adult children Katie, Steven and DJ to teach about Him in their sports ministry to young people and perform their roles at work for His honor.
Jesus the one I seek to honor in all my writing like Bullet in the Night, my new mystery novel. The publisher pre-launched it during the Easter season for amazon pre-order at discount  until official launch April 30th - it’s a story of redemption.
Easter helps us take a fresh look at what the Resurrection means in our twenty-four hour daily doings.

What would the living Jesus say if He entered our living rooms today?  Might He say: Keep the joy, speak the truth and love others? Doesn't this mixed-up world need more joy and truth and love!

Maybe we won't see Jesus in our living rooms, but He's always willing to be a heart-dweller in those who allow Him entrance. Is there room in yours? Does your heart get cluttered like ours at times?

There's no better time to get spruced up again and Jesus aware. How about a spiritual spring cleaning before tomorrow’s holy holi-day? 
Life, death, loss, giftings. We all have reason to say Alleluia Jesus lives.