Thursday, November 23, 2017

This Year I’m Doing Thanksgiving in a New Way

I’ve been thinking about thanking God differently.

For example, thanking God for bad things that never happened - thanking Him for His protection and amazing rescues.  Most of which I’m not even aware of, but sometimes I know – like when I almost caught my foot and tumbled down 12 stairs, the truck that just missed my car. I imagine you can think of many rescues yourself.

Thanking God for unsung heroes in my life who often don’t get noticed. Like my son-in-law John who did so much to help during Wayne’s health crisis. Helping me prepare our garage for winter, winterize our boat, extra driving, generously sharing his wife for several overnights, shopping for food for us. He is such a willing selfless worker who stays in the background and doesn’t get acclaimed nearly enough. I happened to catch this picture of him in our kitchen during a recent family gathering. I bet you can think of an unsung hero in your life too. What a blessing they are.

Thanking God for all the intriguing animals in the world – not just dogs as wonderful as they are, but deer that parade through our woods, chipmunks I like to watch scurry around on our deck. Those pesky, persistent squirrels that make me pause and smile. I need to toss in birds and fish too – fascinating!

Thanking God for the gift of light – the pleasure of flicking a switch and brightening a room. The brightness of the world after a couple days of rain.

Thanking God for ink – pens and printers- so we can literally see the ideas that come from someone else’s brain.

Thanking God also for the gift of knowing deep within myself that there is a holy, gracious, living Being Who is worthy of my immense thanks. God's greatness is why I have the joy and privilege of being a thankful person.

May this be your best Thanksgiving day ever and the start of a beautiful holiday season of gratitude.  We all have sooooooooo much to be thankful for. Perhaps this Thanksgiving you’ll find some new things for giving thanks.

One of the best things in the whole world to be thankful for every day is the gift of family and friends – priceless! That's YOU.

                               Blessed Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

O Lord you are such an incredible Creator and Sustainer of this world and all that is in it – how we praise You!