Monday, October 30, 2017

Humdrum Never!

Days, humdrum never! Our house has been filled with visiting nurses, family and friends. A medical crisis is a community experience – I get that more clearly now and thank God for it. Walking through alone would be overwhelming.

Thanks, dear readers, who prayed for my husband’s open heart surgery for aorta aneurysm repair and arterial by-passes. We’re grateful beyond words for the thoughtful emails and cards of encouragement and your prayer support!

The surgery was successful! I want to jump up and dance and sing alleluias, which by the way was Wayne’s first word in intensive care when he came out of the anesthetic. Today he begins three months of cardiac rehab required to get his stamina and endurance back.

There were a few dark moments, now we see only light. We met so many fine compassionate people who helped us in multiple ways. It’s amazing what highly skilled doctors and nurses can do. We’re grateful we live during this time of advanced knowledge for heart restoration.

This experience made me more aware how we all depend on the skills of others. It’s fascinating to consider how interdependent we are. During a medical crisis, it’s so obvious. Each person contributes from the valet at the hospital who parked our car to the staff in the cafeteria, building contractors, designers of medical instruments. How beautiful it is when we NOTICE, really APPRECIATE the value of those around us. My favorite phrase of late has been a sincere “Thank you. I appreciate YOU” said with a heartfelt smile. God had a beautiful plan when he created community, starting with family and extending to church and neighborhood and beyond. (The picture below is Wayne, our son Dan and I yesterday.)

My publisher graciously extended our second round of edits for my next novel The Windemere Affair - a blessing since I noticed Jennifer, my heroine, needs to come across as more caring in an important scene, which I need to change.

Never Tomorrow received a gratifying, and humbling review this month from an independent reviewing agency.  My Directive 99 continues to receive the most orders – a timely, scary suspense story.

On this October day, which happens to be my birthday, I/we celebrate God and YOU and the gift of more MIDDLE in our lives.

                         Psalm 28:6 "Praise be to the Lord, for he has heard my cry for mercy."