Sunday, September 25, 2016

Clothing and Contentment

Fall is time for major closet cleaning - sorting through clothes screaming with memories – 

The wool slacks bought in Door County at Whistling Swan the day after my sister-in-law died when I had college-age children too and didn’t buy myself much. I said why put off an expensive purchase when life was so short. The somber way I walked for days after her premature death is still only a moment’s thought away. I gently slide the slacks into my giveaway bag.

I see the paisley corduroy skirts, matching my own, I bought for my mom in her 80’s  to keep her looking young. The long green velvet skirt with the huge embroidered poinsettia I wore several years when giving Christmas programs at Mom’s adult day care center. How the older ladies admired it! 

I touch and lovingly fold the two suits purchased after my first radio show in anticipation of many more. A perfect dress to meet my publishers at the CBA Booksellers Convention – what dreams I had for touching millions of lives through my writing – dreams realized in smaller proportions.

Funny how certain outfits remind me of people – dear friends, business associates – I wonder did I dress with them in mind, wanting to fit in? I hope not. Clothes worn for teaching college classes, and for counseling clients - a special wardrobe in itself.

I touch the sweaters purchased to wear during my eleven months of chemo for Hepatitis C when I’d lost a lot of weight. The outfit I bought for our son Dan and Stephanie’s wedding rehearsal dinner fifteen years ago. How the years fly.

Clothes tell the story of all my days, sometimes sweet and sunlit, others sorrow-laden. Lord, it’s been a busy life, lots of outfits, many events, all lived out in love.

Clothing becomes part of my history. It’s comfortable to embrace the past of life’s passage and stay there, but these memories can be clutched for only a limited time. Lord I move forward with You in the garments appropriate for now. 

“Having food and clothing, with these we shall be content.”
 1 Timothy 6:8 New King James Version (NKJV)

Update for my Circlemaker Prayer Team:

Praise for Sept. Christian Women’s Connection speaking events in Neenah and Wautoma, WI! 
Coming up: October 8th Cornerstone Shop & Gallery, 1-3 p.m. Lake Geneva, WI
Tues. October 11th Lake Geneva Museum 2 p.m. Author Presentation
Thank you friends for praying.