Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Has Hit...

Spring has hit me like an emotional tsunami.

It’s the newness of the season that jolts me.  The urge to create, to keep pace with nature’s explosions around me is irresistible –new and fresh. Love those words!

Does greening grass make noise, do budding leaves talk? I swear it seems as if I hear them. Grandchildren are growing, learning, and taking their first flights into the world. So much to behold, so many moments to contemplate during my sitting time with my Savior. Gratitude keeps gushing from me every which way.

For my own “new” I’m starting simple. I want to try spiralizing some vegetables. I saw a Williams Sonoma Spiralizer that cuts zucchini and sweet potatoes into spirals to use in place of spaghetti noodles. I’ve plucked some new recipes from my women’s magazine - broiled Brussels sprouts and a spinach lasagna made with cottage cheese, which I prefer to ricotta.

The Bible is working through me in a deeper way that I’m liking. I want my roots probing further into rich spiritual soil. I’m listening to the Message version read aloud through my Bible app program. The narrator makes it come alive in a powerful way.  I chose to start with Revelation – what beautiful images of the heavenly life.

Speaking of roots, I can hardly wait to start digging my annuals into the crisp hard earth after I tenderly soften it. (Okay I know this can’t happen until May.)

Next comes re-evaluating my wardrobe, simplifying again, and reorganizing everything to make our life space as efficient as it can be so we can focus on the pleasures of each day – tending to people we love, and planting some new friends into the garden of our lives.

The energy, the desire to engage in fresh activities is here – I’m just waiting on the wisdom of God’s plan for what activities to add or subtract. I don’t want to substitute my whims for God’s best.

Loving Every Minute, How To Be A Great Wife and Mom is my featured ebook in April on sale. The secrets for living this wondrous life every single day  is in these pages. I salute every wife and mom who, day after day, gives her all to being the best she can be.

What about you? Write and tell me what’s your favorite thing about spring?

Psalm 65:8

“The whole earth is filled with awe at Your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, You call forth songs of joy.”

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