Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Thoughts

Easter Thoughts

I’ve been thinking a lot about Easter, the day that’s truly the root of all faith. I find it so revolutionary that the resurrected human being, Jesus who was dead, became alive again. And not just a human person, but a divine Being, the very one and only God.

Death to life - can this be possible? Of course if You’re moving in and out of the earthly reality that You spoke into existence. Jesus alone has the power to raise His bones and His Being to surprise and delight our merely human race.

And then on Pentecost He began the spark of divinity within all of us who will receive it. The Holy Spirit became front and center. This great God, Trinity, to whom I kneel every morning in praise of a new day. I know Christ rose on Easter, because I see His work among us.

This amazing God recharged my husband’s heart four weeks ago through the hands of a Jewish doctor, Gabi Silberman, and marvels provided by wonderful drug companies who invested in medical research so Wayne can forever carry a Pacemaker in his chest.

I saw the reality of Easter’s message in Wayne’s peace of mind as we entered the emergency room. His prayer, he told me later was: Whatever Lord You’ve planned is fine by me, altho I know my wife would like to have me around a little longer. (Got that right!!!) Wayne’s peace was so strong it could have been  blocked a gale force.

My seeing Easter’s confidence in him is not any wonder. My man starts each day sitting calmly on the sofa reading the Bible. No fanfare, no hoopla, wherever we travel, with friends, family or the two of us, he simply is attracted to absorbing more and more of God’s message to man.

Plus he can tell the funniest stories you’ve ever heard, he’s compassionate enough to get teary eyed in Les Mis, and he can’t pass an infirm person without silently praying. Yet he’s a guy’s guy, wild about golf, he ‘s dreaming of his upcoming trip to Canada. He’s got that something extra - the deep joy that comes to God’s very own, that God wants for all of us.

As we sat through that first night in intensive care, me in my hard rock recliner, inches from his bed next to me, holding hands through the bars with me watching pulse numbers behind him, he slept off and on between nurse’s attentiveness, and his peace never faltered. Whatever the Lord has in mind…simply stated, deeply believed.

This is where I saw Easter’s grace, Easter’s power not only in Wayne’s renewed gift of life for which we’re deeply grateful, but in the peace that prevails in life or death. I saw it in the man I’m privileged to call husband. The peace that exists for us all every day, God’s present to the living. It’s essence is caught in one of  my all time favorite Scriptures: “…the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-8 May the peace that passes all understanding be yours every day! Happy, blessed holy, incomparable Easter!

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