Friday, January 4, 2013

A Favorite Way To Pray

The Gift of Unexpected Prayer

Unexpected praying is a favorite way I like to pray.  It’s praying for someone with whom I’ve had a brief encounter, a business experience or none at all.

I got started decades ago after reading that Norman Vincent Peale prayed for people standing at railway stations while he looked out the window during his train ride.

It’s 4:10 A.M. and I’ve just prayed for all the counselors and campers who ever slept under our roof when we had a children’s camp at our home for ten years, and then I prayed for those who slept there after we turned it into a B & B.

Sometimes I pray for previous marriage/ family counseling clients. Or for children I’ve taught in various classes over the years. Or any men and women who ever attended a seminar I presented.

At times I pray for people who never had someone ever say a prayer for them. Of course I don’t know specifically what to pray for, but I ask God to bless them in their area of need.

Still I don’t pray as much as I should.

Especially when I know its power. I spent a year of my life studying every book on prayer I could find including the Book of Truth and Holy Words - the Bible. I needed to know if prayer power was real, if it still worked today because I had a child who was dying before my eyes. I saw prayer work many mini-miracles that became a huge maxi – the gift of extended life after two diagnoses of imminent death.

I was on the receiving end of a huge outpouring of prayer. I KNOW it’s powerful. I could almost taste the aura of it in the air.

Yes, I know prayer is still a mystery, not every result that follows my prayers is what I WANT but I KNOW it’s what He wants after I’ve presented my prayer request to Him.

I’m thrilled God protected His Word describing His continued involvement in our personal lives via prayer and transferred this truth through 2000 years into my hands. (May each person who reads this blog know more intimately the joy of prayer, Lord.)

Of course, I love to pray for my children and grandchildren and my man, a high school prayer answered, but my gift-giving prayer is for those who totally unexpect it. They’ll never know, yet prayer power has gone forth on their behalf.

Is there a creative way you’ve prayed that you’d like to share with me? 

"Whatsoever you ask for in prayer, believe that you will receive." Mark 11:24