Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Celebrating Marriage

I believe marriage should be celebrated well, it’s such a beautiful, tender relationship. I always like for my wedding gifts to highlight how special this union is. A financial gift in a card is great, but it seems there should be something more memorable. This is what I came up with for a dear couple recently:

Dearest Melissa and Joshua,

Your wedding is so special, as are both of you, so your gifts must be too. There are several:

Three Crosses

The crosses symbolize Christ. Hopefully, at least one will match your décor. If you like them display all three to remember the Trinity, but only one is needed. This is to be a reminder of the selfless love of Christ who gave his life for you. At times you may feel you are doing a lot of sacrificing for one another. Do it with joy, following the example set before you of perfect love.

Blessing Cups

The ceramic mugs are to be used as Blessing Cups. Once a month on the ninth day, your anniversary day, you may want to use them at your evening meal. As you drink from them, tell one another the blessings you’ve experienced the past month either together or individually.

The Blessing Cups are also Healing Cups

If you should ever have an argument, be the first to take out your Healing Cups and set them on the table as a sign you want to sit down and talk. Be sure you never let the sun go down on your anger. Work out every difference of opinion when it is still little.

Ist Anniversary Dinner

The check is for your celebration of Year One. Please cash the check, but put the money in a special place to use for a lovely dinner. And always honor this special day when you joined your lives together.

Marriage Enrichment

In about a month, you’ll be receiving a collection of my two books: 52 Ways to Keep Your Promises As A Man, Husband and Father and A Woman’s Guide and 52 Ways To Choose Happiness and Fulfillment to enrich your married life.

That's it. I signed the card with love from Wayne and I. By the way, the crosses and cups came from Hobby Lobby and were beautiful but inexpensive. I love that store. Nothing wrong with buying your own Blessing Cups if you never received any. Is there anything special you typically give as gifts to celebrate a marriage? I'd like to know.

“What God has joined together let no man break apart.”