Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Will

Wayne and I were leaving the tennis court at the Landmark Resort in Door County as a little girl and her daddy approached carrying racquets. I said to the brown-eyed pixie who couldn’t have been much more than four years old, “How nice that you and Daddy get to play together on this beautiful fall day. Have lots of fun now!”

“We will!” she replied instantly. I stopped and stared. When had I last heard someone exude such confidence? I can still hear her emphasis, the perfect clarity of her reply. No doubt about it. We will. Me and Dad are out to play and fun is coming.

I loved her spontaneity and assurance. Isn’t that how we’re supposed to approach every day? We have the assurance that our mighty God has a plan for us and it’s always good. We can enter each day with enthusiasm eager to see it unfold and know we’re equipped to meet any challenge. In all things we’ve been instilled not with a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7.

Have a great day with your awesome Dad today. I will!

"I will" reminds me of one of the prayer poetry devotionals in my latest Breathless e-book at amazon:

Fullness of Joy

Today and every day Lord, You say:

“I will be your God,

I will be your life.

Celebrate and dance,

The fullness of joy is here.”

Dear God can this be true?

A life of constant joy is pleasing to You?

Dance and twirl with joy?

What about cross-carrying and fasting?

“These too have a place,” You say,

“But they never were meant to take away joy.”

Oh Lord, laughter floods my heart,

That You would allow such delight!

The fullness of joy!


Psalm 108:1b