Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hi Friends,

I respectfully sent two e-mails out today, one to Stericycle's President. His corporation disposes of the remains of aborted babies and another to Ryder who provides the trucks for this to happen. Kudos to Penske Trucking who will now be my truck rental of choice because they refused the contract.

What I said to Ryder is "I'd like to respectfully request that you consider not being involved with the abortion industry. I know this would be a huge financial loss for you, but God has ways of making that up when we're doing what's right in His eyes. In the past I've personally made financial sacrifices to serve God and his provision has been amazing. Perhaps, in fact, God has placed you in this position to make a statement to our country now that taking the life from unborn human beings is intolerable. I pray you'll have great wisdom as you consider the integrity of your position providing trucks for Stericycle."

I feel it's important to be respectful and aware that often people in upper management don't know every operational detail and contract that's out there. And when they do, they may have been put where they are by God to right the wrong that's before them. This is not an adversarial situation. It's the wisdom and love of God that can make humans change their minds. Now I've put the ball in their court.

These kids in the picture above were once nothing but two cells inside a sheltered womb awaiting the miracle of maturation. They're two of our seven grandchildren. I pray for all the people who have lost the blessings children like these can bring into their life.

P.S. I have a new "book baby" called Breathless Devotionals published this week on Kindle available at amazon.