Saturday, November 14, 2009

November Fun

After finishing the manuscript for my new novel 99, I celebrated by taking a trip with Wayne, my traveling buddy-hubby. We observed the passionate people's Health Care Rally in D. C. on Nov. 5th in opposition to the current House Bill, then attended an evening lecture by Tim Keller at the National Cathedral of the Episcopal Church. How inspiring to see 1000 young adults and thirty and forty somethings absorb his message to beware of false idols of wealth and possessions. (I highly recommend checking out Tim Keller's website and downloading some of his powerful free podcasts.)

The International Spy Museum was fascinating and provided research for a future suspense plot. We were enthralled by each of the Smithsonian Museums and walked to, fro and within each about five miles daily, praying often throughout the day. (We value prayer-walking ever since our time volunteering for Campus Crusade.) The highlight of our trip was all the fascinating people we met as we rode the Circulator bus, spoke with fellow travelers in our hotels, toured the Capitol, etc. We splurged on one night downtown D.C. at the elegant Hotel Monaco hob-nobbing with lobbyists and legislative aides and praying as we conversed.

After D.C. we spent three days in Williamsburg studying the factors that led to the American Revolution against the loss of liberty and the excessive taxation that England imposed. What an interesting parallel to contemporary politics. Then off to Virginia to visit our son and his wife and our five-year-old grandchildren.

We live in a great country filled with awesome people. May it thrive ever more in the years ahead.

What a gift of joy this trip has been - much laughter, mind-stretching experiences, spectacular education - I'm filled with gratitude - such an outstanding prelude to Thanksgiving!
May yours be extraordinary!