Friday, May 11, 2018

JESUS TIME, Love Notes of Wonder and Worship

My box of JESUS TIME books arrived Tuesday, three days ago. I gulped and didn’t open it for an hour. When I held the completed paperback JESUS TIME for the first time, I felt strangely hesitant. I asked myself was I truly ready to have these intimate love notes going out to readers? The answer came, Yes, but only because this isn’t about me, but about stirring passion for Jesus.

I originally wrote these love notes to Jesus with no intention of sharing them. Many were composed during difficult times of my life when one of my few joys was the time I spent with Jesus each day. Often I’d stretch out on the floor with a notebook and Bible beside me. I pored through the pages until something stirred a passionate response inside me and then I’d write and write, mindless of time.

Each of the 365 love notes is totally unique. The only theme is how amazing Jesus is and His constant intricate, wondrous activity among us. How I pray Jesus Time will bless you with deeper awareness of Him.

My gratitude to my husband Wayne who loves Jesus as intensely as I do, and encouraged me every moment. Our creative son Dan, who writes amazing scripts for church ministries, came up with the perfect title JESUS TIME- it’s always Jesus time. My daughter Pam spent part of her vacation in Florida editing the final manuscript.  I appreciate the prayers of my other children David and Tamara, the rest of our family members and many of you, as well, who prayed throughout the challenging publication process.  Zoran, who lives in Croatia, designed the beautiful cover. Maximini from the Ukraine formatted the inside pages of the book with lovely graphic ornaments around each title.

Now wonderful readers, may your hearts be filled to overflowing with the incomparable love of Jesus for you wherever you are in life, whatever you’ve done.  He’s your Redeemer and your Supreme Lover every moment. May JESUS TIME help you draw ever closer.

Paperback and e-book versions are available for order through amazon and Barnes & Noble or at Angelus Gift Shop in Walworth, WI. Click on the links below for more information or to leave a review after reading:

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